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Nemesnádudvar templomIn one of Hungary’s most beautiful wine regions, in the Southern Part of the Hungarian Great Plain, in a quiet region lies a small village, called Nemesnádudvar (in German: Nadwar).

The inhabitants of the village are proud of their German heritage. Their ancestors arrived in the 18. Century from South Germany and the streets and the style of the houses of the peaceful settlement are similar to those in Germany.

Nemesnádudvar pincékDriving into the village one can see tiny little houses with small windows but with huge doors lined up next to each other. If one has already visited a Hungarian wine region, complete with a traditional wine making village, they know that these houses are hiding wine-cellars. The cellar cave carved into the hills is used for storing and maturing wine. In the small house in front of the cellar processing of the grapes occurs. These wine cellars contain a variety of excellent wines: Kadarka (a traditional wine), best quality Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Welsh Riesling, Gewürztaminer, Cserszegi, Blaufrankisch, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. These fine wines are maturing in some of the 600 wine cellars of the „wine village”, which is part of the main village.

The recently established „Association of Wine Friends” aims to market locally produced wines, revive the „cellar village” activities and to offer quality wines. The association composed of 17 mostly young viticulturists and full of youthful spirit is experimenting with new methods and techniques; but relying on the expertise of professional winemakers/enologists.

Nemesnádudvar pincesorWhat other festivity would be more important in the life of a wine producing village than a wine festival? The so called „Young-Wine-Festival” on Saint Michael day is celebrated annually in Nemesnadudvar, on the last weekend of September. The wine festival aims to spread the knowledge of local wines to the broader public and to provide entertainment for visitors to the region. This year the festival takes place on 25. – 27. September 2015. 

2015 was the first year for the wine cellar village to celebrate The Nemesnadudvar International Wine and Game Meat Festival held on 30 May. The guests strolling on the street of the „cellar village” visited the wine-museum, where local winemakers presented different wines of the region „Hajos – Baja” combined with wine tasting offering an unforgettable experience.

Only a short distance from the wine museum stands the Roman Catholic Church built in 1736 and containing frescos of outstanding beauty by the artist Mihaly Kuczka. The church along with the town hall, elementary school, cutural centre, pharmacy, post office, bank, shops, bakery and pub is part of the village center.Due to the village’s viticultural nature agriculture plays a major role in village life.

The local self – government provides for companies an enterpreneur friendly environment. Among the numerous local enterprises timber –prosessing companies prevail.


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